When is the best time to make hay? You guessed it. While the sun shines!

The reality is that you can make hay in cold weather conditions too. It would cost more to create ideal conditions for this to happen, but it’s not outright impossible. Do you see the point we are making here? There’s a right time for everything. Some natural conditions make it possible for certain activities to be carried with relative ease.

You may have already known this. What you may not be conscious of is that this is true for weight loss too. You can launch out with determination brimming with confidence to achieve that size eight bodies (or whatever the ideal size is for you). You can do that anytime during the year. But the spring season’s certain climatic seasons that provide useful support and make it easier for you to achieve your goal.

So, what’s the magic slimming wand that’s in the air during the spring season and not there throughout the rest of the season? Here are 3 of them.

1. Activity Increases. So, you burn more calories in the spring

The warmer, cozy spring and summer weather is adventure friendly. It is the time of the year that we tend to go out more: we go swimming, to the beach, mountain climbing, cycling and lots of other outdoor adventures. When you think about it, you see that you’re exercising without getting stuck in the rut of conventional exercise (the one you’re always running away from! ha-ha).
More so, to keep your body fresh, your systems have to work harder when the weather is hot. The consequence of that is more calories burnt, making weight loss easier!

2. Your calorie intake in the spring is comparatively lower.

According to research data from the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the average person’s calorie intake is less by 84 calories in the spring compared within the fall. Your want for food naturally drops. It’s biology- the natural result of your body striving to keep itself fresh.

3. Healthy food options are everywhere

Okay, truth be told, you will have many opportunities to feed fat during the spring. There’ll be barbecues and other roasts; luscious thicken soup roast and Ice cream. Oh lord! The ice cream was made for the sunny weather. Did match make in even right? Well, not for you. You have to go easy on these options if you hope to burn so fat and leverage for weight loss in the spring seasons.

As an alternative, go for the delicious and super healthy fruits that are abundant in this season. Taking strawberries, stone fruits, watermelons put your further ahead in your weight loss journey.

Final Words

Timing truly is everything. You’ve learned that the seasons of the year are not created equal. When it comes to achieving your perfect, ideal body weight, shape, and BMI, the springs are ever in your favor.
Beyond spring, there are more things you can stack up in your favor to make your weight loss journey a finer ride. At SOBOBA Medical Weight Loss, we combine medications and nutritional advice to help our patients attain their ideal weight goals.

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