Out of all the problems people are facing presently, ‘weight gain’ has become a major one. Both for healthy living as well as perfect shape, shedding the extra pounds is extremely essential today. However, those who want to lose weight often try out different diet charts, only to fail in most cases. Are you in the same horde? Well, if you live in Orange County, California and really wish to follow a proper medical weight loss program, investing in a medical weight loss clinic in Orange County will help you to get the desired results effectively.
To understand why professionals are required for proper guidance, you need to first check out why self-planned programs fail in most cases.

Why Is Your Weight Loss Plan Failing?

Well, assuming that your diet plans are not working as expected, here are some possible reasons for that. These are some of the major essentials of a proper plan.

1. Diet and exercise = Weight Loss
Losing weight is not only eating the proper amount of food at the right intervals. It is very important to do the correct exercises as well.
Again, exercising more than eating or the reverse can give you ineffective results. There has to be a proper ratio between the two. Professionals, in this scenario, assess your physical conditions and specific requirements to recommend you the right amount of both.
2. Specific body type requirements
The simplest yet most important fact is that every individual is different; hence, their bodily requirements are also different. Before choosing a program, experts at a weight loss clinic consider studying your medical conditions and strategizing a plan accordingly.
3. Starving increases your weight
Some people in Orange County choose to starve for losing weight (which is a big misconception). The truth is starving can actually increase your weight. Wondering how come?
It is important to consume fewer amounts of calories for losing weight, but too little consumption, in reality, slows down the metabolism of your body to a large extent. This takes you into a starvation mode which further triggers weight gain. Rather, eating healthy is what you need to do.
4. Sleep for an appropriate duration
If you sleep a long time (more than 9 hours), you’ll gain weight. If you sleep for a shorter duration (less than 5 hours); you’ll gain weight. By sleeping for more than 9 hours, you risk the chances of gaining weight by 21% and by sleeping less, you have a 27% risk of becoming obese, according to studies.
Professional weight loss trainers will guide you through the right amount of time to sleeping daily. Not only that, but they will also give you a weight loss plan with a proper balance of all of these aspects.

Benefits of Visiting a Weight Loss Clinic in Orange County:

a. Experts at a clinic will start with a proper medical assessment.
b. They will offer you personalized plans specifically for your body.
c. They ensure no chance of side effects occur.
d. At a reputed clinic, the team includes certified doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, fitness trainers and others.
e. The team will offer constant support with revised programs as per your progress until you reach your goal.
f. A proper and balanced lifestyle will help you to maintain low body fat. Experts will work towards the betterment of your lifestyle.

Hence, so far, it is apparently clear why a weight loss clinic is worth your investment for health. Now, there is another major reason that requires a special mention.

Medical weight loss in Orange County:

By the term ‘medical’, don’t assume it’s anything regarding pills or surgery. Medical weight loss is rather a weight management program designed by experts. It is mainly centered on scientific evidence and aspects, targeting the main problem of your weight gain and obesity.
In the United States, lots of these medical programs are available and offered by different reputed clinics. While techniques and procedures may vary from place to place, the core objective is to change your lifestyle, if not again.

What’s Included in Such a Program?

Conducted by certified and experienced physicians, the medical weight loss programs are a proactive management of all the 3 essentials –

• Fitness
• Diet
• Healthy Behavior

And during this program, the team attending you will perform comprehensive medical diagnostics along with metabolic testing. They keep a constant track on your physiological shifts and make changes in the plan accordingly.

[*Note: Medical weight loss in Orange County has become extremely demanding nowadays. The success rate is also much stronger compared to other programs.]

HCG Weight Loss: One of the Most Successful Procedures!

If you haven’t come across this term yet, then HCG expands to Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone in women which helps in supporting the normal egg development in their ovaries. During ovulation, this hormone also stimulates the release of that egg. While in men, it is used to increase the sperm count for treating infertility.
Now, HCG weight loss, also known as the HCG diet is a plan that uses HCG in injections to introduce into the human body for triggering weight loss. In fact, one can lose up to 1 pound a day with this procedure. You won’t feel any weakness or hunger. While you are on this diet, doctors will recommend you to consume up to 500 calories per day which will continue until 8 weeks.
The idea is simple: HCG injections (the medical form of HCG) when introduced into the body, gets distributed in the fat cells, instead of the muscles. This helps in burning off those fats while keeping you on a restricted calorie intake. All these factors ultimately trigger weight loss.

What’s Included in This Plan?

Note that, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin includes 4 phases to make the diet work. Nevertheless, here are some points to give you an idea of what’s in it.
1. You will be eating less amount of food. This diet will allow you to have only lunch and dinner.
2. Your meal contains – 1 vegetable, 1 piece of fruit, 1 piece of bread, and 1 kind of protein.
3. Vegetables preferred – Beet greens, spinach, celery, cucumbers, cabbage, chicory, fennel, tomatoes, green salad, red radishes, etc.
4. Fruits preferred – Strawberries, apple, grapefruit, orange
5. Restricted meals – Pickled fish, Eel, Salmon, Herring, Tuna.
6. Milk consumption is limited to 1 tsp. per day. You can; however, have tea, coffee or water.
7. Sugar, oil, and butter are strictly not allowed.
Many people have already found successful results with medical weight loss in Orange County by following these recommended steps by trusted and reputable medical professionals.

Who Is the Right Candidate for HCG Weight Loss?

If the proper balance of exercise and diet has failed in your case, you could be the right candidate for HCG injections to burn off those stubborn pounds.
The standard dose of these injections is 200 iU/day. However, this will be decided by the doctor at a weight loss clinic after evaluating your health preferences.
Once you visit a weight loss clinic in Orange County, you can avail everything at one place. Clearly, these processes cannot be tried alone at home, or else you might risk yourself to further health hazards. Constant guidance from professionals is what can ensure your good health with the perfect shape.

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