Trying to lose weight? Diet and exercise are often among the first things that usually come to one’s mind when it comes to losing weight. However, while a proper diet and regular exercise do the trick for many, some other people have to go the extra mile. And by ‘extra mile’ we mean a major medical intervention!

Pills and Diet surgeries are attractive prospects for getting rid of obesity and achieving a healthy and fit body. With them, you can skip all the pain of watching what you eat and working out regularly. Therefore, to further the cause, many new trends for medical weight loss have sprung up.

As much as it is desired, weight loss is not the easiest thing to achieve, and it is hard to find the best weight loss clinic to help you out. So, If you’re thinking of taking the easy way out and opting for a medical weight loss intervention, you’ll be interested to know about these latest trends in the world of medical weight loss.

Weight-loss surgery

Surgeries have always been an option for those seeking to lose weight. However, surgeons keep emerging with different improvements every time. Generally, a weight-loss surgery scales down the amount of food you’re able to eat comfortably. Surgeries like liposuction are tailored towards removing fat from areas of the body like the thigh, belly, buttocks, face or arm. Like other surgeries, weight surgery does pose many risks, but it also offers the best chance of getting rid of the most weight.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG)

The endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (also known as an endoscopic stomach sleeve) is a procedure similar to gastric sleeve surgery, but it is non-surgical. The entire ESG procedure is done through the mouth without requiring any incisions. Using this technique, your physician reduces the size and volume of your stomach too much less than its original capacity. Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty offers a safe, effective alternative for patients who are not ideal candidates for surgery or who prefer a non-surgical solution.

While this process works better than medications, they hold a few risks too. Unlike some traditional weight-loss surgeries which require weeks and even months of preparations alongside many days for recovery to take effect, endoscopy is simply a one-day procedure. All it takes is a few hours. But of course, it does not provide dramatic weight loss as surgeries do.


Plenity has just recently been endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration. Though not in the market, yet this latest weight-loss innovation is quite exciting and holds many promises. This has something to do with it being the first and only weight management tool approved by the FDA.

Plenity comes in the structure of a capsule; however, it is not a medication but a device! Surprising right? Here’s the trick, a capsule of Plenity is filled with hydrogel particles. Now, once you take it with a full glass of water before a meal, the particles grow bigger in the stomach and up space. This then makes you feel the sensation of fullness. Ultimately, the gel particles are worked upon by enzymes and discharged.

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