People are dealing with an ever-changing environment and considerable disruptions in their daily lives. They are quarantined, isolated from their friends, and anxious about many vital things, including health, food supply, and finances. They are seriously concerned about the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic that surprised many individuals worldwide.

There is no question that COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of families around the world. Living during these challenging times has affected people both physically and emotionally.

Many people show a keen interest in ready meals and processed foods as a quick and affordable way to feed their family members. But there are healthy and competitively priced alternatives that can help you tackle weight loss during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are five crucial healthy eating tips that will help you keep your weight under control during the pandemic:

Maintain Fruit and Vegetable Intake
Buying, storing, and cooking fresh vegetables can be challenging in a lockdown, especially when parents advise their children not to step out of the house. Wherever possible, make sure you get plenty of fruits and vegetables. If you are looking to shed extra pounds, you should place greater emphasis on a healthy and balanced diet during the COVID-19 pandemic. It would be best if you got a hold of fresh produce. Consider using fresh vegetables for cooking batches of soups and other dishes, as doing so will make them last longer.

Log Food Every Day
There is never the right time to start food logging every day. You should have started it by now if you have not already. Doing so will help you stay answerable daily to every meal and every snack you consume. Using an app or jotting down what you consume in a journal to log your daily calorie intake, fiber, protein, etc. will be your best bet.

Avoid Liquid Calories
Your goal should be to drink only 0-5 calorie beverages. Avoid liquid calories, such as juice and energy drinks. Instead, these drinks should be substituted with sugar-free drinks and water.

Stay Away from Needless Snacking
If you are determined about losing weight during the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to remember your goals. If you are standing in front of your refrigerator, make sure you step away from it if you are not hungry.
If you are hungry, there are some guidelines you need to keep in mind while reading a label:

  • Ensure you keep the snack less or equivalent to 100 calories
  • Keep sugars less than 6 grams per serving
  • Make sure there is no less than 5 grams or more protein and fiber combined
  • Avoid looking at screens, such as the TV, phone, tablet, or computer, when eating. Sitting down at the table when you are eating is a great way to avoid disruptions.

Make Sure You MOVE
Download an exercise app or put on some good music and dance. If you feel it is safe for outside, take a walk or run outside. If you have an exercise kit at home, use it. It would help if you made a plan to be active every day.

If you are like 27% of the United States population, you seek the most comfort in food. In difficult times like the coronavirus, food can be regarded as one of the quickest and easiest ways to soothe oneself. However, you should avoid consuming it in excess, so you don’t end up gaining excessive weight.

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