Have you heard the latest news on weight gain? Recently, a very shocking report has been found that almost 35% of women and 31% of men are victims of severe obesity. This has caused over 300,000 premature deaths in the US. Yes! And now considering the severity of the situation, it is imperative for all to keep weight in check. Nowadays even children are under this curse of obesity. As per the data, children between six to 19 years are overweight. Sad!
Are you suffering from the same issue? Well, before you can fight obesity, it is very important to understand the root causes of this problem. I have often seen that both physical and mental condition contributes to this problem of obesity. Let’s find out:

6 causes of obesity

If you want to avoid putting on weight and welcoming other health problems, it is best to know what the reasons behind weight gain are:

1. Lack of physical activities
In this busy schedule, it is very difficult for us to get time for physical activities. This makes our body lazy and is one of the major reasons why fat accumulation starts. No matter what, you should keep yourself involved in physical activities like aerobics, yoga, sports or swimming, etc.

2. Unhealthy habits
In this stressful life, all the good habits have gone topsy-turvy. To make body function properly, it requires a complete 8 hours sleep, but that’s next to impossible to do, isn’t it? Moreover, alcohol and smoking also have adverse effects, leading to overweight problems.

3. Addiction to food
The other term is ‘gluttony.’ Be it junk, a preservative added or comfort food, anything which is done in excess is bad for health. You should always avoid eating unnecessarily, especially under stress.

4. Genetics
There are people who have nothing but their genes to blame. They have slower metabolic and fat regulation. This is why no matter how low-calorie food they eat, fat starts to accumulate in the body. The only way to fight overweight in this scenario is by taking proper doctor consultation and following a weight loss program efficiently.

5. Psychological factor
30% of people who are suffering from obesity are troubled psychologically. As we all know that the best way to gain a healthy body is by having a ‘healthy mind’, one should avoid getting under anxiety or social pressure which can cause this trouble. Two major mental states that regulate weight gain are:

  • Depression and antidepressants
    The medicated anti-depressants have a tremendous effect on bodily function. This calms the nerves and the body tends to lose the strength and will to do a lot of activity which causes weight gain.
  • Eating due to boredomThis usually happens among teenagers and adolescents. They tend to lose interest on anything and everything easily and start munching on junk food.

6. Excess insulin
Too much of insulin secretion in body sends signals to the cell to store more fat. This is when they start gaining weight very fast. It is best to avoid intaking food which can initiate the production of insulin in the body.

If you are doing any of the above in your life, it’s time to change the habit. In case you have already troubled yourself with any of these, then get a FREE doctor consultation from Soboba Medical Weight Loss Clinics in Southern California.