Are you desperately trying to lose weight? Or trying some effective ways to shed those extra pounds? Want to be leaner before school starts? The start of the school, after summer, wants every teenager and young adolescent to look their best. They want to look fitter and skinnier and stand out among the rest.

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10 Tips for Losing Weight before School Starts

While losing weight sounds effortless, however, that is far from the truth. It is necessary that you exercise self-control, for the weight loss plan to be effective. Without this, it is difficult for any plans to give results. Apart from following the plan prescribed by the weight loss clinic, follow these ten tips stated below to lose weight successfully.

1. Never skip breakfast
One habit that is prevalent among all teenagers and adolescents is that they are prone to skipping breakfast. It is presumed that skipping out on breakfast will help them lose more amount of weight. Well, the truth is quite contrary. If you skip out on breakfast, you miss out on essential nutrients and go hungry. Because you are hungry, you tend to snack even more than usual. As a result, consuming more amounts of calories.

2. Set a weight goal
In order to lose weight before the commencement of school, it is necessary to establish a target regarding the amount of weight you wish to lose. Then, work with your losing weight clinic on that. However, do keep a few things in mind.
• Be realistic about your weight goals.
• Consider the time frame within which you have to lose your weight.
• Take into consideration the activities you partake in.
• Don’t forget to consider your diet plans and foods.
• Set small but achievable goals.

3. Be active
Simply cutting down on food and not working out won’t necessarily help you to lose weight. Along with your diet plans, you need to be active and work out regularly if you want to shed the weight. Indulge in some cardio exercises. You can go running, take up a Zumba dance class or engage in such other activities. However, mix it up with other exercises as well to maintain a healthy balance.

4. Drink plenty of fluids
Skipping on fluids again will not help you to lose weight. Don’t opt for artificial ones. Get the fruits and vegetables you like and make juice out of it. Also, there’s no substitute for water. It is necessary to drink lots of water if you want to lose weight. It cleanses your body and also makes you feel full. Often, you might confuse thirst with hunger and end up eating more. So, remind yourself to drink water periodically.

5. Stop binge eating
Snacking on food incessantly just because you are working out won’t exactly let you lose weight. The best weight loss clinic in Orange County has found out that people tend to binge eat especially after working out for more amount of time. While teenagers tend to feel hungry all the time, this doesn’t give you a free pass to fill your mouth with food. Control your urges.

6. Keep fruits nearby
As a teenager, you are more likely to feel hungry than an adult as your body is growing at this stage. The only way to avoid unhealthy eating is to keep fruits at hand and snack on them. They are loaded with fiber and calories which mean they provide you with the necessary energy to power through without letting you go hungry and reducing your efforts of losing weight.

7. Use smaller plates
Studies have shown that consuming food from small plates and bowls helps people to lose weight. It is because you tend to eat smaller portions due to the size of the play. Also, a fun fact- it takes the stomach 20 minutes to realize it is full and relay the same message to the brain. So, eat slowly and stop just before you feel full.

8. Don’t ban any food altogether
When on diet plans, many teenagers have this tendency to ban all kinds of food they like and consume proteins. This doesn’t help your weight loss program as you suffer from withdrawal symptoms. There’s no reason why you can have some of your favorite things when on a diet. As long as you stay within your daily calorie intake allowance, you can have most of the foods you like.

9. Avoid junk food at all costs
Avoiding Junk foods should be your priority one if you plan to lose weight with the help of losing weight. They are loaded with calories, fat, and sugar. As teenagers, you might love it but it is time to get serious if you really want to lose weight. Get rid of all your junk food, one week before you start the program to execute the plan successfully.

10. Eat regular meals
It is imperative that you eat healthy, regularly planned meals when on a diet. Start with a nutritious breakfast, snack on some fruit, get some protein for lunch, have another snack in the evening, make a healthy dinner and finish it off with a healthy dessert. Plan your meal to stay within the daily calories intake allowance.
Some grave mistakes to avoid for effective weight loss
While the tips stated above help you to lose weight effectively, however many teenagers stray from the original plan due to some fad diets and end up making mistakes that ruin the entire effort. However, to avoid such errors, it is necessary to follow the plans devised by the medical weight loss clinic.

Listed below are five such common mistakes committed by many.

1. Juice for breakfast
Simply having juice for breakfast is not a good way to cut back on calories. In reality, most juices are loaded with sugar which when consumed first thing in the morning, raises your blood sugar level. As a result, you tend to overeat later.

2. Not sleeping enough
Not sleeping enough plays havoc on your body and as a result, you tend to gain weight. Sleep greatly influences hunger hormones without which you tend to lose weight rather slowly.

3. Underestimating the time left
Many teenagers tend to underestimate the time left before school starts and set unrealistic goals for them. At the end of this, they turn out to be unhappy with their efforts and face body image issues.

4. Following the same routine every day
Don’t follow the same routine daily as the body gets used to it. Alternate between various exercises after every week to effectively lose weight.

5. Eating only proteins
Although proteins are a great food source, only consuming it will not help. You need to include fibers and carbs as well.

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